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Scott Dworkin became inspired to create Bulldog Finance Group after witnessing first-hand the demand for a more modern approach to political fundraising for Democrats. To date, Bulldog Finance Group has fundraised in all 50 states and internationally.  


In 2006, Scott served as the chief fundraiser on the Christine Jennings for Congress campaign in Sarasota, FL, in which he helped raise over $1.9 million dollars in fewer than 60 days.  In addition to his role at BFG, Scott served as the Deputy Director of the Real People Project for President Obama's Inaugural Committee in 2009, (where Scott had the honor of bodying President Obama after his first dance with the First Lady; Scott is more then happy to tell this story) and in 2012 he served as a Deputy Director for the Democratic National Convention Committee in Charlotte.  


Scott serves on the Advisory Boards for the New Leaders Council, and Democratic GAIN. He was named to the Campaign's & Elections Magazine Rising Star class of 2011.  Scott's been featured in Time Magazine, US News & World Report, Roll Call, The Daily Beast, BusinessWeek and Campaigns & Elections among others. Scott received a BA in Political Science and a BA in Sociology at North Carolina State University.  Scott is an avid songwriter, pianist, and guitarist who loves to jam in public spaces across the country.  Scott is based out of Washington, D.C. and will complete his third full marathon in the summer, where he will once again raise money for one of his favorite charities, St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  


Bulldog Finance Group staff is primarily located in our Washington, D.C. headquarters.  

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