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Feel free to contact us anytime!


info (at)


(202) 630-9594


Thank you for contacting Bulldog Finance Group. We will get back to you, usually within an hour.

Want to work at BFG?  Send us your resume, but note that we currently have no openings.  


Want to work on a campaign?  Send us your resume, we will happily see if there are any opportunities available on the campaign trail.  The further you are willing to travel, the more opportunity there is. 


Potential Interns: Bulldog Finance Group is proud to have one of the strongest internship programs in the country.  We offer remote internships (on a selective basis) and also internships in our DC office.  Please send us an email with your resume if you are interested in applying.  Fellows at Bulldog Finance Group are selected via interns who have successfully completed their program.

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